Saturday, January 15, 2011

Successful cheese!

You might remember my earlier attempts to make cheese using powdered milk.  Although the finished product was cheese-like in texture and consistency, it had little to no flavor.  I hypothesized that this was due to there being no fat in the powdered milk, and thus in the finished cheese.

For today's experiment, I used a mix of 4 cups whole milk and 1.5 cups heavy cream (nothing fancy, just Target brand).  Basically the same process as before: heat to ~170 degrees, add lemon juice, continue heating to 190, then strain out the curds from the whey.  Instead of squeezing this time, I just let the cheese drain for a nice long time-- I actually went out for several hours and left it draining into a bowl on the counter.  When i came back, I had very rich, delicious, creamy ricotta cheese.  Absolutely divine.  I like soft cheeses anyway, and spreadable ones are even better.

Sorry I have no pictures; the cheese is white, my bowls are white, and I am lazy.  But I promise, it's wonderful.

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