Wednesday, August 3, 2011


S and I made fridge pickles today.  We may have overestimated how many we would get.

Lots and lots of cucumbers.  This is not even all the slices we ended up with.
This is 14 jars waiting to be cleaned.  We added six more after filling these when we still had cucumbers left over. 
The filled jars, waiting for the hot vinegar brine.
My share of the finished product.  S took home just as many filled jars; 20 pints in all.
Now, as you may know, fridge pickles are not processed in the boiling water bath.  We just made a hot vinegar/spices mix and ladled it over the cucumbers in the jars, then let the heat seal them.  We will keep them in the fridge so that even if the seal is not entirely perfect, the pickles will still be good for at least a year.  Anyone want some?

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