Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Susan over at Wednesday Grace has suggesting bringing back the "Tuesday Ten", except now as "Thursday Thirteen".  I think it's a good idea, so I'm joining in, at least for this week.

Thank you, Lord, for
1. a beautiful place to live
2. the generosity of friends in offering #1 and in helping me get there
3. libraries, and the helpful, friendly people who work in them
4. patience, and the ability to recognize the need for it
5. meaningful work
6. the good fortune of loved ones near and far
7. our capacity for big dreams, even when they seem out of reach
8. good food, and people to feed it to
9. the incredible diversity of life on this planet
10. John McCutcheon, and how You speak to me through the songs I get stuck in my head
11. books, both for information and for pleasure
12. the gift of ingenuity You've given our species, to create technology that allows me to see and talk to Susan and her son from over six hundred miles away
13. Your amazing, forgiving, gracious love, and our calling to spread it around.

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  1. me too!