Thursday, January 5, 2012

Running update

Lots of fun new things in this department.  My brother (barefoot running aficionado) gave me a gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods for Christmas.  Although Dick's doesn't stock Vibrams, they did have the Adidas version, called Adipure.  I went and tried a few pairs on to determine the correct fit, and decided to get them.

I also discovered that St. Olaf offers a community pass to their athletic facilities.  For your average community member, it's $60 for a year pass to the indoor track, basketball courts and tennis courts.  HOWEVER, for alums, get this: $15 for a year pass to EVERYTHING, including the pool, fitness and weight rooms, racquetball courts, etc.  SWEET!  So I signed up for that, and took my first walk/jog around the indoor elevated track this morning.  Since I hadn't run in over a month and I was using new shoes, I just started up the Couch-to-5k program from the beginning, and took it nice and slow.

The shoes are pretty good.  It's hard for me to get my little toe into its toe box, but I'm hoping that will get easier as they get more broken in.  Also, in at least one place, the inside seams are a bit uncomfortable; I can tell that if I were to wear them all day or for a very long walk or run, I would get a blister.  Again, this might improve with time, but I have also ordered a pair of injinji toe socks (link goes to amazon; you can also order from  I'm hoping the socks will help pad the interior a bit, as well as cut down on the sweat factor.  Being made of neoprene, there is quite a bit of sweat, and I haven't yet figured out if the shoes are machine washable.

All that to say, I'm getting back into the exercising groove, and am looking forward to being in better shape!

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