Friday, January 11, 2013

What's Up

I was recently asked why I don't blog anymore.  There's not really a good reason, except that I haven't felt like doing so.  I've been busy with two jobs, a fiance, and schoolwork, which is plenty for me.

Today a king-sized bed was delivered to and installed in my apartment, courtesy of Tony's grandparents and his aunt Stacy.  It is very large.  Fortunately, my bedroom has up until now been too big for me and my stuff, so now it all looks like it fits.  Photos to come, maybe.

Tonight, we are headed off to an "Engaged Encounter", a pre-marriage retreat designed to help prepare us for marriage and all that it entails.  The fact that we are attending it exactly one year after starting our official relationship is an irony that is not lost on us.

Last night, we started the process of registering for gifts, beginning with Bed Bath & Beyond.  (Tony kept asking where the Beyond section was.)  We managed to register for many kitchen-type items and towels, but we were too tired to deal with the bajillion kinds of sheets and bedding on offer, so we stuck to a few big quilts.  Did I mention we'll be starting our marriage with a king-sized bed?

We're also trying to figure out what "eating healthy" means for us, as we both love to cook and eat delicious food that is often not on any approved diet plan.  So we debate the merits of carbs vs. fats vs. yummyness, and try not to overdo it.  Sometimes (often) we fail.  Last night after registering, we came home to watch the last episode of White Collar Season 3 (alas, the last one currently available on Netflix!), during which I decided I wanted some molasses cookies.  So I made a dozen, and we ate them all.  Oops?  On the other hand, our dinner was delicious and relatively healthy: lemon-marinated cod with brown rice and Greek salad.

In summary, life is ticking along, with its usual ups and downs, although it seems we are in an up period at the moment.

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