Sunday, May 29, 2011

Food with Friends

There are no pictures of dinner tonight, but it was wonderful.  After church, LH, LR, and SB came over to my house for dinner.  First we made Greek salad:

Lettuce (Farmer's Market)
Green onion (FM)
Spinach (my balcony)
Feta cheese
Greek dressing (LH made it without a recipe!  Way to go!)

Then it was time for the main course.  Pork tenderloin, asparagus (FM), and garlic-Parmesan mashed potatoes.  SO.  GOOD.  The tenderloin came out of the oven perfectly-- moist, but thoroughly cooked, thanks to LH's skills with a meat thermometer.  We hadn't even put any fancy spices or sauce on it-- just salt and pepper.  The asparagus we cooked in a pan with some oil, then sprinkled salt and lemon juice over it.  I have to say I did a good job cooking it for the right amount of time; it was neither too crunchy nor too mushy.  The potatoes were easy, although the garlic was kind of old and so didn't cook or mash exactly right.  Oh well.  DELICIOUS.

Then for dessert we had Choco-tacos and What-the-FUDGE? bars (made by Klondike, in case you're wondering).  I know, dessert sounds kind of lame after that amazing meal, but it's what I had, and they were quite tasty.

Then, the best part (IMO) of the evening occurred.  LR did ALL of my dishes.  Not just the ones we'd used tonight.  Oh no.  She did all the ones that have been piling up in my sink making me crazy.  She wins the gold star, blue ribbon, best-in-show prize of all time!

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