Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Craft Project #1: Knitting

I have learned to knit at least 4 times.  I seem to have trouble retaining the knowledge.  However, I've been inspired by Catherine Friend's book Sheepish, as well as her recent visit to the Northfield Public Library, to knit a sock.  Perhaps eventually I'll even knit two socks that match.  But for now, my goal for this project is:

Knit one adult full-size sock.

To that end, I have pulled out my knitting supplies, and started a little swatch to remind me how to do these things.  It took me awhile (and an online video) to remember how to cast-on, but once I got that part it all sort of came back.  You might be able to see, in the photo below, how I'm even starting to get "fancy" by trying some ribbing.  Now that I understand the concept of knit vs. purl, a simple rib is not that difficult.

See the ribs?
There's also a new yarn store in Northfield, so once I feel confident that I remember the basics, I might head in there to pick up another set of circular needles (apparently you need two pairs to knit a sock?) and chat with the experts there.  I'd also like to pick up some real wool yarn-- I checked last night, and apparently all the yarn I have is synthetic.  Sheepish claims that wool socks don't absorb odor like other fibers, a claim I'd like to test.

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