Thursday, December 1, 2011


My good friend N got me a flying lesson for my birthday, back in September.  We couldn't get it scheduled until this past Sunday due to weather and conflicts, but we finally did it, and it was AMAZINGLY AWESOME.  N took some great photos, to which I will now subject you.

It was pretty cold outside on the ground.  Nice and warm in the plane, though.

That's a Cessna 172.
Me and N, with the plane.

I was SUPER excited.  And I eventually took off my coat.

Learning some of the instruments and getting the weather.

Learning to taxi.

During takeoff.  (The instructor did that part.)

Some photos of the ground between Crystal and Buffalo, MN.

This time I'm in control, executing my first turn.

Flying is FUN!

Since we flew west, we got more sunlight the further we went.  In this photo and the next, we're headed back to Crystal with the sun behind us.

Since there was a break in the clouds, we even got to go above them for some bright sunlight!

N took some beautiful photos of the sunset above and below the clouds.  This one is my favorite.

Hooray for flying!

[This is post #93.  We have one guess that I will get to 100 before February 12.  What's your guess?]


  1. SUPER AWESOME! That looks like so much fun. :D

  2. I am very jealous (of the flying, and that you have friends who buy you flying lessons for your birthday). I'll vote January 10th.

  3. Wahoo! Flying Laura! I bet it will be more like January 15.