Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happenings around the house

Yesterday I planted some new things in my garden.  The spinach had pretty much run its course, so I pulled out about half of it and planted beans.  I have no idea if they will grow well with the limited sunlight I get here, but we'll see.  They're from Seed Savers Exchange, a bi-color variety called "Painted Pony".  I also may have gotten a little carried away, and planted tomato seeds and cucumber seeds, also from SSE, in varieties called "Isis Candy Cherry" and "Bushy", respectively.

Cucumbers in the green pot, tomatoes in the big red one, beans in the empty-looking half of the low tub.
I also checked on my herbs, and decided to plant some chives, as whatever I had put in one of the pots wasn't growing at all.

Clockwise from top: rosemary (from a seedling), I think thyme, newly planted chives, and basil.
I also started a more official compost bin.  Up until now, I had been putting garden clippings in an extra flowerpot, but there wasn't enough room in there for all the spinach I pulled up.  So I bought another plastic tub from Target, with a green lid.  I thought that was appropriate.

Mmmm, compost.
Finally, today I cleaned my apartment, and I do mean finally.  Those who know me know I have a tendency to let clean clothes pile up on my floor.  The past few weeks have been no exception.  But I finally did it-- mated all the socks (except one, poor lonely guy), laid out all the t-shirts to unwrinkle, hung up what needed to be hung up, and put everything else away in the drawers.  Then I vacuumed the entire apartment, including cobwebby corners and under various pieces of furniture.  It's so clean!

Then I got really ambitious.  I decided that I needed to move some furniture around in my bedroom so that if someone wanted/needed to stay overnight with me, s/he would have a comfortable place to sleep, not necessarily on the couch.  I happened to have an extra mattress from when I got the bed, so I set it up as a futon without a frame, moved the dressers over near the closet, moved the table over to the windows, and moved the frameless futon away from the heat vent.  Whew!

I did not, however, get around to cleaning off the top of the dressers.  Still a mess, as you can see.
Table (with t-shirts laid out on it) and frameless futon.
Now I just need some kind of wall decoration above the futon, and it'll actually look like a nice room!

Finally, I got my first half a box of a farm share from Eener's Farm yesterday, including rhubarb, green onions, mustard greens, and radishes.  SN and I made pizza with some of the onions and most of the mustard greens last night; look for a post later on how I will use the rhubarb and the radishes.

Not our exact box, but pretty similar.  Image credit:

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  1. If you're into beans, I highly recommend the Scarlet Runner Bean, which SSE carries. They are beautiful and delicious