Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let's play a game...

It's called "guess what Laura bought at the farmer's market!"

This morning I purchased five items at the St. Paul Farmer's Market.  The first person to guess all five (or if no one gets all five, whoever gets the most) wins a chance to promo their blog here on W4.  Submit your entries in the comments, one comment per person.  Contest ends Sunday at 8pm; results will be posted Monday morning.

If no one's close by Saturday evening, I might post some clues.  Stay tuned, and good luck!


  1. Let's try this again ... seriously this is driving me crazy

    1. Strawberries (that I could never eat)
    2. Greens (that I would gladly enjoy with you with a bit of radish and a nice vinaigrette)
    3. Peas (which I would enjoy with the greens if they were still in their pods)
    4. broccoli (steamed with butter and garlic please Yum!)
    5. Asparagus (the same way you prepared it last time Thanks)

  2. So far, only one entry. Time for clues!

    Of the five items, two are produce (ie vegetable or fruit), and three are animal products.

    If you need help knowing what's in season up here, click the link-- SPFM has a nice chart.

  3. Congratulations to sabo23, the only entry in my contest! She got two out of the five items correct. The full list is as follows:

    1. Strawberries
    2. Asparagus
    3. Eggs
    4. 1 chicken
    5. Ground pork

    Sabo23 will be guest posting soon, so check back!