Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Widget Code

Haha, I feel really smart!  I've added widgets at the bottom of the page from Goodreads, so you can see what I'm reading now, what I'm looking forward to reading, and what I've read already.  The reason I feel especially smart is that I managed to edit the code for the widgets to get rid of an annoying link that was unnecessary and didn't fit in my design template.  Huzzah!

Look, I realize this is not earth-shattering news.  You might even say it doesn't count as real editing, since all I did was delete stuff.  But I had to figure out what stuff was necessary and what stuff was part of the annoying link.  I don't speak code, so it was an exercise in translation.

Edit (8/7/10): I've removed the "Currently Reading" and "To-Read" widgets because, for whatever reason, they weren't updating correctly.  Oh well.

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